Ladies on Records

Ladies on Records – Kornelia Binicewicz (Poland/ Turkey) Polish record collector and explorer of women music from 60s and 70s. Founder of Ladies on Records project about female music from various cultures and worlds caught in dusty records and blurred memories. After years of collecting records from around the world, mostly from Middle East and Mediterranean region, decided to move to Istanbul to dig in Turkish diverse sounds and stories from 60s and 70s. Istanbul has always been a vibrant cultural center for music coming from the West and East. This gave an unique diversity of genres - from psychedelic pop and rock, arabesque, tavern, Arabic and traditional folk tunes arranged in hip and catching vibe of the period. Ladies on Records’ only vinyl dj set is created from the collection of rare and popular 45s and LPs of Turkish divas from the late 60s and 70s. Deep, obscure traditional Turkish sounds, influenced by Greek, Jewish, Armenian, Egyptian and Lebanese music meet with westernized arrangements and styles. All merged together and brought to you as one, spectacular show of great power of Turkish women soundscape. Kornelia works in Istanbul, researching about Turkish music from 60s, 70s and 80s, cooperates with old Turkish labels and curates compilations and releases of forgotten Turkish sounds from 60s, 70s and 80s. Her latest release was Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu. Working on new compilation from the archives of old Turkish labels. links:

סגנון מוזיקלי : Turkish music from 60s, 70s